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Publishing a Children's Book

At Grosvenor House Publishing we have a complete understanding of how to self publish Children's books - we can guide you through the problems and issues that generally arrive on your journey to publishing your book. We can advise you with your illustrations, your book layout, the size of the book and give you advice on the best finish. Please remember, our printing prices are very clear and easy to understand, we have no hidden costs. Please do check with other companies the TOTAL cost to publish your book and the FINAL print prices - you may be shocked at some of their pricing. 

How to publish a children’s book with Grosvenor House Publishing

We can guide you through the entire self publishing process and make it streamlined and an easy journey! Children's books are fun, very creative and need to capture a childs mind. Your layout is important in your book and so are your illustrations. Simply supply us with your drawings and text and we will layout your book along with your guidance. 

  • Advice with illustrations
  • Book layout and design
  • We will help you choose the right book format
  • Discuss with you the printing processes and print finishing available

Self-publishing with Grosvenor House Publishing is affordable. Our prices include everything you need to complete your book. Your publishing contract is just £795 - click here to see what you get. 

Proof reading and editing are available.

Our package to self publish your children's book includes everything you need from type-setting your manuscript though to book layout and design. Should you wish to have your book proof-read or edited, then we have this service to offer to at an additional cost. Our self publishing package is just £795 plus any proof-reading or editing you choose. We are one of the UK's leading Self Publishing companies around today. After all, one of our directors is an award winning and best-selling Children's author and has sold millions of children's books! So we know what we are doing!

Grosvenor House Publishing's experience can help you Self Publish your book

We can help you self publish your children's books because we have;

  • A huge amount of experience and knowledge of how to publish a children’s book
  • Two of our directors self published their own Children's book
  • We will advise on layout, design and to use print on demand or traditional printing
  • Full costs upfront for printing and publishing - no hidden costs
  • You will ALWAYS own 100% rights to your book
  • A first class production team are ready to help you self publish your book today 

How can Grosvenor House Publishing help you self publish your book?

We've been self publishing books for over 8 years and have become one of the leading Self Publishing companies in the UK. Many other publishing companies are following our style and attempting to match our prices. We are proud to clearly display our costs upfront on our website - and we have no hidden extras. Contact us today and speak to us direct - no call centres, no admin staff - real people who have published their own books and know how to help.

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