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Marketing your Book

Firstly, let’s look at why you should market your book. As you are self-publishing your manuscript, you are responsible for the actual marketing of your book, so if you don’t do it, no one will! Just look at the examples of Graham Taylor and Wilfred Hopkins (in Why Self-Publish) and read how they got themselves published and read.

“But I don’t like selling and I have never sold anything to anyone in my life,” I hear you say.

Don’t worry, almost all authors, whether they’re self-published or not, have been and probably will always be in the same boat as you. You are a writer and not a salesperson. However, the best person to promote your work is you.

You obviously believe your book is of some value because you have spent hours upon hours writing, rewriting and editing it to make the story, characters and settings of as much interest to the reader as you can. You have then spent more time and money trying to get literary agents and publishers to read your book in order to have your work published. The reason you want your book published is because you feel that what you have written is worth someone’s time in reading it and you would also like to be paid a reasonable return for the efforts that you have expended in writing and working on your story.

If the above is not fundamentally correct, then you need to search your heart for your true motivations very carefully before proceeding any further. If, however, the above is a fair representation of your reasons for producing your work, then you have all the expertise necessary to be able to promote, sell and market your book.

The first fundamental of selling anything is to believe in your product implicitly. The second is to know your product inside out. Who knows your book better than you, and who believes in it more than you do?

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