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Book Printing Costs

Print on demand means simply that – you print however many copies you want. If you need just one copy, this is possible with print on demand and it is possible with Grosvenor House Publishing.

Print on Demand Book Printing Costs

Our pricing structure for a paperback book is simple: £1.20 for the cover, and 1p per page. Therefore, if your book is a paperback 5"x8"and has 170 pages, the cost to print one book is £2.90 (£1.20 for the cover, 170 x 1p = £1.70) plus P&P. *Please note there is a minimum print cost of £2.28 per book and the minimum pagination for a paperback is 48 pages.

Should you wish to have a hardback book, simply calculate £4.50 for a case laminate cover and 1p per page or £5.50 for a cloth cover with dust jacket. That's it!

Adding Pictures Inside Your Book Costs

If you want your book to contain pictures, we can insert these within your interior text. We charge per picture we insert on the initial book set-up and this is a one-off charge.

1-30 images - £5 per image inserted
31-50 images - £4 per image inserted
51-100 images - £3 per image inserted

Below are some examples of our book printing costs for larger quantities.. They are for 5"x8" paperback books, printed black throughout on 80gsm Vancouver Opaque paper, full colour front cover printed on 280gsm board and gloss laminated with a perfect bound spine finish.

We are confident that you will not get these printed book prices from any other UK self-publishing company. We do not believe, like many other self-publishing companies, in charging well over the odds for book printing once your book has been published. We have secured some excellent print deals that we pass directly onto our authors.

Large Volume Paperback Printing

Copies >
Pages count:                
112 pages
  £565 £926 £1287 £1648 £2009 £2371 £3093
160 pages
  £604 £1003 £1402 £1801 £2200 £2599 £3398
208 pages
  £644 £1081 £1517 £1954 £2391 £2828 £3702
256 pages
  £684 £1158 £1633 £2107 £2582 £3057 £4006
288 pages
  £710 £1210 £1710 £2210 £2710 £3210 £4209
320 pages
  £736 £1262 £1786 £2312 £2837 £3362 £4413

If the quantity you'd like or page count is not here, please contact us for a price.

If you'd like us to post you a sample copy of one of our printed self published books,
just contact us and we'll gladly post you a copy.

The price above INCLUDES delivery to one UK address.


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