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Kim Cross, Graham Taylor

About Grosvenor House Publishing


Graham Taylor, the best-selling author of Shadowmancer, Wormwood, and his new novel, Tersias, is a director of Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. Graham says that the main reason for becoming a director in Grosvenor House Publishing his own experience of self publishing his first novel, Shadowmancer.

Like a lot of new authors, Graham had heard of the great difficulty a first-time writer faces in trying to get either a literary agent or publishing company to read the manuscript of a complete unknown. Rather than put himself through the trauma of months and months of waiting, followed by the inevitable rejection slips, Graham decided to publish his book by himself straight away.

After selling his beloved Harley Davidson motorbike to fund the project, he found a printer, had his manuscript proofread and corrected and printed 2,000 copies. The rest (as far as Graham’s tremendous success is concerned) is history, but that process proved to Graham that self-publishing is a truly viable method of not only getting one’s work into print, but also of becoming a successful author.

After experiencing the services Grosvenor House Publishing offers prospective authors and our pricing (£795 for full publication), Graham was enthusiastic about becoming involved, and added his name and experience to the company.


Kim Cross, our co-founder and managing director has worked full-time for his own companies since 1976. Initially owning a real estate company in Vancouver, Canada (to which he had emigrated in 1971), he grew the company to be one of the largest firms on the North Shore. Kim then expanded within the industry and bought another real estate company in Calgary, Alberta, in 1980.

During his time in Calgary, Kim saw what appeared to him a real opportunity within the oil and gas industry, and he started a gas brokerage company. That business grew so fast that he sold the real estate companies and concentrated fully on the gas brokerage firm – ultimately selling it to Enron in 1990, when they had some money!

Upon his return to the UK in 1991, Kim started an advertising company with an associate, selling space on the reverse of supermarket receipts (an idea he had seen in the US), and had contracts with Sainsbury’s, Safeway, Morrisons and Somerfield. Kim sold his interest in that company in 2002, and has since been involved in small property developments. He has also written a thriller called The Suicide Bomber. Enduring the frustration of trying to get any publishers or literary agents to read it was the impetus for starting Grosvenor House Publishing.

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